Checking On The History Of An Online Casino

There may be numerous online casinos out there all begging our attention, but how many are safe sites? It will be worthwhile to check on the history of an online casino before taking part in its games.

As in land-based casinos which need permits or licenses to operate from the government, online casinos are not exempted. We don’t want anything to do with illegal gambling, especially when most authorities are in hot pursuit of them. Thus, before playing in an online casino, or before registering as a member of the same, it is advised to check first its status.

Secondly, we don’t want to deposit any amount in an unscrupulous gambling site, especially one that operates without a license. And especially, we don’t want to divulge any bank or credit account information to a spurious set up. Then third, we want to know how the site has been performing so far, its payout history, how satisfied its customers are, and how helpful it really is especially to novice players.

There are ways to check the history of an online casino. Most sites afford chatting features. The simplest way is to befriend other users of the site and ask them about how the site is so far, and ask especially those who have been using it for some time. Then there are site reviews online. Read about how an online casino rates and what its position in the hierarchy of sites is. Chances are, if it has a good history, it will be frequently cited.

Then drop by the website and check all its features hands-on. See how the site intends to help customers have a delightful experience in gambling. But on top of all these, the most important is to really check the license. Good features are nothing if everything is illegal—and forbidden things are often nice to look at and delightful to the taste. Thus, don’t forget to check the “About Us” portion that is often found on some corner of the webpage.

Finally, always check out their paying or betting system, how funds are deposited and how cash wins are drawn. After legalities is the safety of our money. Don’t be fooled by striking graphics and amusing features. Some sites will try to lure us with free start-up cash. This is good, but we always go by the basics—license and payout system. The history of an online casino is worth checking out before we give it our confidence. Of course we have to end with a recommendation, that being¬†this website is a very good example

Claims To Pioneering Online Casino History

Who really started what in the field of online casinos? Many claim to have started history as far as online casino is concerned. Here are some data.

Accordingly, the very first appearance of an online casino was introduced to the world by an outfit called Internet Casinos, Inc. or ICI in 1995, although a similar claim was made by The Gaming Club in the 1990s.

Also, in the same year Intertops claimed the same thing, which some say also came out with an online sports book, a first in the world. The fact we can derive here is that online casino history started in the 1990s.

ICI operated 18 online casino gambling games and also introduced the first online Indian lottery. Initially though, before online casinos, ICI operated offshore casino bases to avoid prosecution in the US. On the other hand, Intertops majored in perfecting online casino features with workable payouts, stable security, and good support for online customers which grew steadily due to the success of the venture.

Another online company, Interactive Gaming and Communication Corp., ventured in the same online business and soon was doing superbly not only in Internet gaming but also in telecollecting sports wagering via satellite. The bet collection through telephone was serviced in Antigua and did so well that the company was able to expand.

American crackdown on gambling affected some online casino outfits so that focus on Internet gaming was mainly in the island nations of the Caribbean where land-based and online casinos enjoyed a comparatively lax atmosphere with the law.

The same was true in some territories in Asia and Europe. Some parts of Europe has been very accommodating to online gambling that some countries even built their own online casino sites. Liechtenstein, for instance, operates a lottery on its Web, with worldwide promotions to boost its Website traffic.

An England based online casino is Atlantis, known for its creative new formats and game features. It is duly licensed and frequently visited because of its unique and hefty online casino slot payouts, not to mention its progressives, plus bonus free tours to the place.

To date, there are more than 400 online casino sites on the Internet not counting their numerous subsidiaries and thousands of franchises and affiliates and partnerships scattered across cyberspace. This makes up a about $50 billion global income from online casinos.

Online casinos were birthed not too long ago and already they’re making headlines worldwide.